You can search the MVP3 database in a number of ways. Search facilities are provided for:

  • Properties
  • Supps
  • Sales
  • Analyses
  • Worksheets

In each case, you will have:

  • a simple search page containing only the most commonly used search fields;
  • a full search page where you can build your own set of search criteria;
  • a list of up to 20 recent searches that you can re-run simply by clicking; and
  • a list of your favourite searches.

There is also a global quick search facility into which you can type PIDs, sale IDs, … in fact, any ID. You can also enter street names, component codes, owner’s names … in fact, any text that appears in most fields of your database. The system will┬ásearch through the database and come back with a list of the items (properties, sales, analyses, supps and worksheets) that contain that combination of words. Quickly.