LPI Compliant

MVP3 is kept up to date with the latest file specifications, integrity checks, and the latest statistical analyses. Our goal is to make sure you don’t get any surprises when you send your supps, annual values and market data off to the NSW LPI.

Our system can import NSW LPI files with the following formats:

  • District property data files (RTDISTPROP)
  • Component data files (RTCOMPDATA)
  • Sales data files (RTSALEDATA)
  • Market data files (RTMRKTDATA). Yes, we import these files because when you take over a new contract area, you want to be able to load last year’s market data to get benchmark and sale analysis information.

MVP3 can export files with the following information:

  • Supplementary values files (RTSUPPVAL)
  • Future values files (RTFUTURVAL)
  • Market data files (RTMRKTDATA)
  • Sale codes files (RTSALECODE)
  • Component code update files (RTCOMPUPDT)
  • Sale analysis zip files. In fact, you can select any number of sale analyses for export, and MVP3 will package them into zip files that don’t exceed NSW LPI’s web server size restrictions.

Our export process gives you information about the generated file (or files), including a list of informational, warning or error messages. These mirror NSW LPI’s integrity checks.